The Rise of Barn Style Homes in Australia and the Role of Tiles in Creating the Look

Barn style homes have become increasingly popular in Australia over the past few years. With their soaring cathedral ceilings, exposed beams, and rustic yet modern interiors, they offer a unique take on suburban living.

We spoke to Justina Tomkinson, founder of Barn Home Design and Build, about what’s driving the barn home trend and how she works with suppliers like Luscombe Tiles to create stunning barn style homes for her clients.

The Barn Home Ethos

For Justina, barn style is not so much a prescriptive aesthetic as it is an approach to home building.

It’s about creating a cathedral ceiling and not going through a generic build,” she explained.

Justina became inspired by the simple exteriors but beautiful interiors of homes she saw in Sweden. She wanted to translate that to the Australian context.

I thought about Australia, and I thought about, you’ve got The Block and all these renovation shows. It’s created this momentum where people spend two and three years, or five years, sometimes designing, building and painting and doing all this stuff. And while they’re doing that, they stop living,” she said.

The Barn Home philosophy is about building a low-maintenance home quickly so the owners can get on with actually enjoying it.

Achieving the Barn Look with Tiles

Tiles are integral to creating an authentic barn style interior. Justina uses them strategically to add to the raw, industrial vibe.

Tiles are super important. Whether it’s a really raw terracotta look or a brick-floor, cobbled look. It’s about achieving that rustic feel, I guess. That’s what’s trending at the moment,” Justina explained.

The cobbled terracotta tile floors mimic the kind of surfaces you would find in a traditional barn. Paired with exposed wooden ceiling beams, they create the raw, earthy look that the style is known for.

Sherwood Timber Look Tile | Living Room | Indoor Tiles | Bathroom Tiles | Macedon Ranges | Melbourne | Luscombe Tiles

Herringbone brick tile designs can also complement the aesthetic. The geometric pattern and neutral tones evoke aged, natural materials.

Large Herringbone Brazilia Gris Mosaic | Melbourne | Macedon Ranges | Sunbury | Luscombe Tiles

For walls, subway tiles, brick tiles, or even reclaimed wood panels can lend that rugged warehouse vibe. Matte finishes help absorb light and accentuate the industrial look.

Terra Atelier White Porcelain Floor Tile | Melbourne | Sunbury | Macedon Ranges | Luscombe Tiles

Mosaics are another option for adding visual interest while retaining the rustic charm. Justina said she is incorporating more ’70s-inspired mosaics for a groovy, retro take on the industrial barn style.

Regency Hexagon Mosaic | Floor Tile | White | Melbourne | Sunbury | Macedon Ranges | Luscombe Tiles

Whether going for an authentic rustic or a more modern interpretation, tiles are the critical ingredient for nailing the barn home aesthetic.

Working with Luscombe Tiles

Justina used to think she needed to source tiles from Melbourne for her higher-end projects. But then she walked into the Luscombe Tiles showroom in Sunbury.

I went in there, and I had a look at their range and how I could show them something I wanted, and they could get absolutely anything in. They’re not suburban at all. They were able to look at what I was doing and give me… I don’t know how to explain this. They’re right on the money with what’s trending architecturally,” she said.

Justina explained that the Luscombe team can translate high-end architectural trends into more accessible and affordable tile solutions for her projects.

Whatever I want, they’ll find it, and Jason will find it, and he’ll usually like if I say, Oh, look, one of the builders I’m using has got a price from this tile place, he’ll beat that price,” Justina said.

Working with Luscombe Tiles

Key Takeaways for Those Looking To Achieve The Barn Style Home

  • Barn style homes are taking Australia by storm with their industrial yet cozy aesthetic.
  • Creating cathedral ceilings and raw, rustic interiors is key to the look.
  • Tiles like terracotta cobbles and bold mosaics complement the style perfectly.
  • Suppliers like Luscombe Tiles allow builders to achieve high-end barn looks at affordable prices.

The barn home trend looks to continue growing as Australians seek unique, architectural homes to suit modern living. With the help of experts like Justina and the team at Luscombe Tiles, stunning barn-style homes are achievable for those looking to join the movement.

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