Tips For Choosing The Right Tiles For Your Project

Tips For Choosing Tiles | Melbourne | Luscombe Tiles

Tips For Choosing Tiles | Melbourne | Luscombe Tiles

So Many Tiles, So Little Time!

We love to help our customers create their dream projects at Luscombe Tiles. When many customers walk in the door they are overwhelmed with the variety of sizes, colours & styles that we have on show.

To enhance your sales experience it is most beneficial to have an idea or guide as to what your looking for. It’s our job to find you the best alternative for your application, but a customer who comes in prepared will get more out of their visit.

Some Useful Tips

There are some wonderful resources available at your fingertips, so use them! Gather you ideas into mood boards or a scrapbook in preparation.

  • Houzz, Pinterest & Instagram are fantastic starting points in your journey.
  • Visit our website and rummage through the Look Books and Tile Catalogue for ideas
  • Visit our major supplier’s website, for further inspitation.

Add any ideas on size, style & finish you may desire and bring them with you when you visit. In addition to your ideas bring your plans with you and you’ll make your visit to Luscombe tiles a most enjoyable one.