Are Porcelain Tiles For Me?

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Living Area Tile Ideas | Essendon | Sunbury | Melbourne | Luscombe Tiles

There are a multitude of tiles available in the market place. When most customers come into our stores they generally ask for PORCELAIN tiles, but what really is a porcelain tile?

A porcelain tile is made from Quality Raw Materials such as high grade china clay & pure grade silica’s. As a result they have fewer impurities which can discolour the clay body than traditional ceramic tiles. They are fired at a higher temperature and result in a product with very low (<1%) porosity & thus low water absorption, high chemical resistance, high abrasion resistance and are overall a very strong hard wearing tile.

They can be used on the floor and the wall, internally and externally. They generally have rectified (square) edges which ensures each tile is the same size, unlike ceramic (round) edges which may vary by several millimetres.

Due to new technologies and lower production costs, porcelain tiles have found their way into homes all over the world. Traditionally they were only used in commercial applications because of their strength, low porosity and high abrasion resistance. Fortunately we can all now afford to use porcelain throughout our homes.