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How to replace a broken tile

Sometimes accidents happen around the home & small repairs are required. It is very simple to repair a broken or cracked tile by following these 3 steps.

How to replace a broken tile | Step 1 | Luscombe Tiles

Step 1: You will need to remove the existing grout from around the damaged tile. This can be done by using a tile known as a GROUT SCRAPER. (as demonstrated in this diagram)

Step 2: Drill multiple holes into the damaged tile - this helps to loosen the bond with the glue underneath & makes it easier to remove. Especially if you have a large format tile ie 600x600mm or larger.

How to replace a broken tile | Step 2 | Luscombe Tiles
How to replace a broken tile | Step 3 | Luscombe Tiles

Step 3: Chisel out the damaged tile with a chisel (or other sharp object). Be
careful not to damage any of the surrounding tiles.

Install replacement tile & grout to match existing tiles. All products are available at Luscombe Tiles to complete this task